Cuba Gov. to Invest in Construction Materials

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 6 – The Cuban government will carry out investments in the construction materials industry to improve the production capacities of each factory, Deputy Minister of Construction Jorge Luis Rodríguez affirmed. According to the official, the objective is also to guarantee that the population has access to products so they can build new housing and repair the ones that already exist with their own effort, reported IPS.

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One thought on “Cuba Gov. to Invest in Construction Materials

  • What sense will this move make — if there remains no effective, democratic mechanism by which to see to it that these materials reach each and every neighborhood which desperately requires them..? Right now, it still seems any fair allocation all around means that no one will be getting all that they want; for the moment — and maybe much, much longer. And that’s assuming some novel, surprising process of fair allocation. And how likely is that, eh?

    Perhaps the cuban government is placing all its hopes on the new “Free Market” activities they will be encouraging to flourish… in the place of socialist praxis.

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