Cuba Gov. Ups Fuel Prices

HAVANA TIMES, March 2 — Cuba’s government again increased the price of gasoline and diesel by between four and eight per cent. This is the second hike in six months, after last September the Ministry of Finance and Prices responded to the rise in oil prices on the international market with another increase, reported IPS.

Cuba imports its fuel products from Venezuela in exchange for the services of doctors, educators and other professionals.

Premium gasoline will now cost 1.30 CUC (US $1.40) per liter, with regular gasoline going for 1.15 CUC (US $1.24).

Diesel now sells for 1.10 CUC (US $1.18) a liter.

A liter is just over a quarter of a US gallon.

The international oil price is now hovering around $100 a barrel with the possibility of further increases due to the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.