Cuba Government Moves Prisoners

HAVANA TIMES, May 24 – The Cuban government will begin today the transfer of the political prisoners to penitentiaries closer to their provinces of origin and will hospitalize those who are ill, affirmed dissident Guillermo Fariñas, who maintains a hunger strike in favour of the release of the latter.  The island’s gesture would be the first response to the dialogue with the Catholic Church hierarchy last week, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Government Moves Prisoners

  • Los de la Tirania para ayudar al pueblo comienzan a hablandarse. Es que no hay una vacuna que haga a los anti comunistas cambiar. El tratamiento de la izquierda es asi,dicen que es para ayudar al proletario y despues lo hacen esclavo. Los unicos que viven bien son los jefes del comunismo.

  • I wouldn’t give the catholic church credit for anything. Watch those shifty bast- uh, ‘characters’: they’re just going for easy angels’ wings…

    And a true socialist society would be treating imprisoned non-murderer/non-repressive-criminal enemies better than the imperialists treat anyone in prison in the bourgeois countries. Because socialists would know the value of all human beings, regardless of their impoverished subjective worldviews.

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