Cuba Guards Against Swine Flu

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, April 27 – Cuba’s health and civil defense authorities have announced a series of measures to prevent a possible outbreak of swine flu that is affecting Mexico, the United States, Canada and several European countries.

No cases of swine flu have been reported so far on the island. Over recent years Cuba has developed a system to face possible epidemics after the spread in some countries of bird flu.

The authorities announced that special preventive measures were being taken at Cuban airports and ports and “limiting flights to and from Mexico,” where so far the most cases of swine flu have been recorded with over a hundred deaths.

The outbreak has hit hardest in and around Mexico City where over the weekend soldiers handed out some six million masks, reported the BBC.

The Cuban Public Health system is activating all its epidemiological watch capacity and is preparing to take whatever measures are necessary, “depending on the evolution of the situation”, notes a statement published on Monday.

The authorities recommended that the population “step up personal and collective hygiene including covering the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, frequently washing hands and maintaining cleanliness at homes and workplaces, as well as seeking medical attention when necessary.”

One immediate affect is that the swine flu alert is already raising havoc in the US and Mexican tourist industries.

As an example of the magnitude of the scare, the BBC reported that Germany’s largest tour operator has suspended trips to Mexico. Likewise, the New York Times said that the fear of a global pandemic led the European Union health commissioner to urge European citizens “to avoid traveling the United States or Mexico.”

Nonetheless, taking a wait and see attitude, the World Health Organization (WHO) has yet to issue any recommendation of travel restrictions, reported the L.A. Times.

Experts are rushing to estimate just how dangerous the new Type A (H1N1) swine flu strain will be, gathering data on the outbreak in Mexico and other countries.

Cuba is known for its nationwide civil defense network that last year had to confront three powerful hurricanes.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Guards Against Swine Flu

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  • Where it is true that Cuba has been one of the best countries to be in when there is a catastrophe ie hurricane, i want to caution anyone who believes that this virus is not borne out of animal flesh.
    They call it swine flue for a reason and here if possible and if allowed i will share what i know for a fact after being a nurse for more than 36 yrs, and specializing in epidemiology.
    My second born son is a doctor who has also arrived as well and he said that what is most important is that people would do well to not go to school, work, church or anyplace where many gather. Being out in a park however, is ok as long as the gathering is not conjested.
    We know that our bredren in Mexico are hit hard because this endemic has been there for over 3-4 mths unrecognized. This fact has given the virus a chance to become hostile and get out of the box on the backs of visitors. Asia, is using imagery to see if people are sweating or have body temps variances and trying to establish fif they have a ever which would be over 101 degrees while standing.. This does not work always because people can mask a fever with aspirin tylenol etc. They are also asking people where they have traveled and how they are feeling..

    The Cuban gov, has done well and has applied great commin sense to inform citizens that they should wash hands often, use antibacterial hand creams, liquid disenfectant while covering mouths when sneezing/coughing. I as a Cuban and here in my country visiting, i want to share that although there is no need to panic, caution is most important. I am also concerned because i have young fam members both in the US and here on the island and i hope that Cuba will get the universal precautionary items needed ie gloves, masks for those who need them (medical personnel) antibacterial hand cream, sufficient soaps and bleach alcohol and disenfectant.

    i know that some of these items are not avail to the masses however, here are a few things which can be used to sanitze areas of the home and hands when those luxuries are not avail. However, it this becomes a pandemic the world will have a new issue to confront.

    1. i have decided not to speak about conspiracies here today, only the good stuff. However, i will blog later trust me. However i will say that If people are no showing the kinds of signs that US doctors believe they should the med prof is not providing anti viral med? This info has been discovered when i called home to Miami and my coworker gave me the info. She said that two of the people were Spanish not sure if Cuban Prican Dom but spanish speaking . She also said that 2 others were Black americans who were sent home without proper asst?

    Darn i promised no conspiracy..ya right? Why all of a sudden this coming out odf Mexico? The US pres just left there? Chavez, just left and others from the caribbean and africa?? Oh well let me get back to knowledge.

    2. Alcohol is the next best thing even liquor with its high alcohol content diluted with water. However had washing with or with disenfectant will work.

    This is going to end up before the next month in all countries in the world.

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