Cuba Insurance Norm Takes Effect May 1

By Circles Robinson

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HAVANA TIMES, April 29 — Cuba’s new requirement that travelers to the island either have coverage from an approved foreign health insurance company or purchase a policy from a Cuban firm upon arrival takes effect on Saturday May 1.

Numerous readers have written in to HT with their uncertainties about the rule, announced in early March, not wanting to find themselves in a bind at a Cuban airport.

The main concern is not about having insurance, most people understand that requirement.

What is most worrisome is not knowing whether their foreign insurance company is accepted by the Cuban government -which has failed to date to produce a list of approved firms.  Travelers would also like to avoid having to purchase a second insurance policy on arrival to Cuba.

Some travel agencies assure their customers that their travel policies will be accepted but until an official list is produced the uncertainty among tourists will prevail.

Two articles published on Thursday address some of the issues involved:

Travel Insurance warning for Cuba visitors

Information to travellers related to travel insurance for entering Cuba

Here is the last HT article on the subject. Cuba Still Mum on Travel Insurance

As soon as a list is issued by the Cuban authorities Havana Times will publish it in its entirety.

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  • It would be mean to show up with a list a day before this regulation comes into effect!!

  • thanks Circles, it will be great to have this list.

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