Cuba: Is Discussing the Economy Prohibited?

Ariel Terrero. Foto:

Fernando Ravsberg*

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban press censorship appears to be returning in force as two important economy commentators were surprisingly taken “off the air”.

Juan Triana

Firstly, journalist Ariel Terrero was making a profound criticism about the results of last year’s Cuban economy when his TV camera was suddenly cut off.

And, getting on the same page, the weekly radio program of economist Juan Triana, a researcher who travels the country lecturing about the changes being implemented by the government, was eliminated.

Is it a simple coincidence or are the Defenders of the Faith lashing out with renewed vigor?

(*) Visit the blog of Fernando Ravsberg.

One thought on “Cuba: Is Discussing the Economy Prohibited?

  • Pa’ la pinga coincidence! This should come as no surprise except that Ariel Terrerro is a frequent guest on the Castro political mouthpiece program, ‘Mesa Redonda’ and a darling of the wannabe highbrow economists. He must have left his scripted comments in his Lada and decided to wing it from original thoughts. Any mid-level functionary worth his salt should know better than to tell the truth as he sees it. The Castros have not asked for the truth in 55 years.

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