Cuba-Italy to Fight Drug Trafficking


HAVANA TIMES – Cuba and Italy signed a police cooperation agreement on Wednesday in Havana, which among other things includes increased cooperation to combat organized crime and drug trafficking, DPA reported.

The Caribbean island “has a geographic location that places it in a strategic role in the international drug trade,” said Italian Deputy Interior Minister, Filippo Bubbico, after meeting with Cuba’s Minister of the Interior, Gen. Abelardo Colome Ibarra.

According to the note, several Italian mafias are involved in drug trafficking to Europe from Latin America, especially from South America, making Italy’s cooperation with countries in the region important.

One thought on “Cuba-Italy to Fight Drug Trafficking

  • If the Italians are concerned to address drug trafficking by their Mafiosa’s from South America, they should commence with Venezuela not Cuba. Keeping Cuba drug free is relatively easy as it is an island with strict controls on all means of ingress and egress. Venezuela on the other hand has cooperated with terrorist organizations in neighbouring countries which are largely funded by the drug trade. FARC being an example – it also has used press ganged children as soldiers, counter to the Charter of Human Rights.
    Cuba’s Minister of the Interior should have used the opportunity to promote trade with Italy. Italy could sell Cuba cheese, Pinot Grigio, tomatoes, chicken, spaghetti and perhaps even cars. Cuba could sell Italy cigars…………………??? and shipping could be done through the port of Marieal where there is vacant space available in abundance.

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