Miguel Alfredo González

HAVANA TIMES — On his second try to flee the island, one of Cuba’s top line pitchers in recent years, Miguel Alfredo González, succeeded in reaching Costa Rica, reported DPA news.

González, from Artemisa, dreams of making it to the US Major Leagues as numerous other Cuban players. He had also tried to leave Cuba in January 2012, in search of a professional baseball contract, but was surprised by the Cuban coast guard.

As a result of his first try to leave the island González was suspended from playing in the Cuban league and did not appear on the roster of his team Artemisa during the last two seasons.


6 thoughts on “Cuba Loses Pitcher Miguel A. González

  • indeed wish the Cuban players could leave and pursue MLB…the only problem I have is MLB will not pay Cuban baseball for develping players….no way they want to pay and HELP Cuba in iny way shape or form…

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