Cuba Maintains Watch on BP Oil Spill

HAVANA TIMES, July 29 – Cuba maintains a close watch on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and is foreseeing the measures in case of an impact by the spill, affirmed Cuban Minister of Basic Industry Yadira García to MPs from the energy and environment commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power.  García said it is necessary to remain alert in face of this risk, for which a working group was created made up by the Civil Defense and high-level specialists, reported IPS.

One thought on “Cuba Maintains Watch on BP Oil Spill

  • Maybe you people at “Havana Times” don’t want every article on your website turned into a platform for discussing socialism; but then, that is the very raison d’être of the site after all, right?: discussion of the future of cuban socialism (real or imagined) — which is a pressing, urgent issue, after all. And so why not use every opportunity afforded us here, eh? This precious moment might not last…

    I just wanted to say — in regards to organizing cubans for disaster situations — that being a socialist society would naturally imply the organizing of the entire populace to be familiar with at least a basic competence in some area of “disaster management” — unlike in the imperialist countries, where such organizing simply doesn’t exist, or if it does it has been privatized, or at the very least left in the hands of largely unaccountable (to the citizenry) “experts” (i.e. bureaucratic mercenaries).

    To the extent that the latter situations remain somewhat the case in Cuba, real socialist organization of society cannot be said to truly exist (yet) AFAIC.

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