Cuba Making Cuts in Education

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government is trimming back its system of free education and promoting more practical areas of study in a move to reduce costs and satisfy the nation’s labor force needs, reported Reuters based on figures of the island’s National Statistics Office.

Enrollment in various fields of study fell by three million students in 2008 to 2.2 million last year, representing a reduction by 27 percent, while the admission standards have been made more strict and the slots available in the humanities reduced.

According to the news article, secondary education is now emphasizing careers in the sciences, pedagogy and agriculture. Efforts are also being made to train more skilled workers, while more students have already enrolled in trade schools.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Making Cuts in Education

  • October 7, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    what do you represent? If you could answer that please.
    Do you give a damn about anything other than promoting your ideology?
    The problem with most of the left in the US seems to me, you are as US-focused as the US-right on just one country, the US, and ignore the rest of the world when relating to Cuba.
    thank you

  • October 6, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    I ask the moderator to cut me some slack on this comment. It’s going to be blunt – maybe beyond blunt. I just learned that a long-time acquaintance died so my feelings are a bit raw. What one has to stomach reading comments on this website needs, sometimes, to be dealt with in a manner that it deserves.

    I think few readers will not be unaware of what ‘Moses’ represents – a propagandist for the country that is responsible for causing hardship for the Cuban people for more than 50 years.

    There is a limit, a limit that strains social decorum when having to deal with the bullshit that the ‘Moses franchise’ dishes out relentlessly, 24 by 7, like an automaton. It is obviously that – more than one person – pumping out American propaganda. Funded by the US government like Radio Marti? Likely. Part of the US government? Seems too stupid to be true, but we can’t forget Romney could become the US president.

    Back to business.

    The ‘Moses franchise’ writes the “triumphs of the [Cuban] revolution are finally revealing their faulty foundations.” Wrong. Asshole propagandists for the American Empire like ‘Moses’ would obviously write this.

    The ‘Moses franchise’ writes, “For all the much heralded accolades of the public health system in Cuba, the ever-increasing reality for Cubans is long waits, unsanitary conditions, and inadequate treatment facilities.”

    The fucker neglects to tell you there is NO PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM in his fucking country that anyone would want. I’ve personally seen it in operation – PATHETIC. If you don’t have money in ‘Moses’ country, you are treated as scum.

    Then the ‘Moses’ fucking franchise segues to education, writing, “Free education in Cuba is also increasing less free”. There is NO free education in his fucking country.

    “Engineers selling ice cream in Cuba”? What about unemployed engineers in his country living at home, representing a bizarre, warped dysfunctional version of the nanny state?

    The “list of recent Cuban émigrés requesting political asylum in the US” is what it has always represented – the better off bolting the ship for personal advantage.

    And the fucker writes they ‘request’ asylum. They don’t have to as the US allows all Cubans to emigrate.

    GOD DAMNED HIS EYES! It’s an old English curse, attributed to Samuel Hall – ” hate you one and all, You’re a bunch of fuckers all, Goddamn your eyes”

    I curse more than ‘Moses’ eyes. I curse his ideology that doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about anything other than promoting his ideology.

    From my experience, fuckers like ‘Moses’ never come out ahead.

  • October 5, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    It has taken awhile, too long for many, but the ¨triumphs¨ of the revolution are finally revealing their fautly foundations. For all the much heralded accolades of the public health system in Cuba, the ever-increasing reality for Cubans is long waits, unsanitary conditions, and inadequate treatment facilities. Michael Moore should return to Cuba to do a follow-up documentary. Free education in Cuba is also increasing less free and producing fewer and fewer professionals willing and able to compete within their professions on an international level. There are more engineers selling ice cream than you think. Should Venezuelan oil subsidies diminish, the pace of these declines will only accelerate. Have you checked the who´s who list of recent Cuban emigres requesting political asylum in the US these days? The rats are leaving the ship faster and faster it would seem.

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