Cuba OKs US Flyovers to Haiti

Havana Street. Photo by Rafique

by Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 15 — The Cuban government has authorized the US military to fly over Cuban territory during their aid operations to Haiti and evacuation of victims.

White House spokesperson Tommy Vietor was quoted by IPS as saying the permission will greatly reduce the duration of the flights.

The US occupies a portion of Cuban territory at Guantanamo Bay, where it maintains a naval base and prison camp.

“An arrangement already exists between the United States and Cuba permitting violations of airspace for emergency medical flights.  But the Guantánamo base commander asked the local commander in Cuba to expand the authority to a standing basis, and Havana agreed, US administration officials said,” reported the New York Times on Friday.

The Cuban media has yet to report on the authorization of the US flights over its national territory.