Cuba Open to US Hotel Management

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, March 26 — The Cuban government puts “no restrictions for foreign hotel chains, including from the United States, from administering a hotel” on the island, said tourism minister Manuel Marrero on Thursday.

The official made the statement to the press in Cancun, Mexico where he is attending a gathering of representatives from the US and Cuban tourist industries.

Currently, the half century US economic blockade on Cuba forbids US companies from investing on the island.

Likewise, ordinary US citizens are prohibited by their government from visiting Cuba without special US Treasury Dept. permission.  Bills to lift the travel ban are presently in committee in both chambers of Congress.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Open to US Hotel Management

  • Cort, u say “fwd to real socialism, workers control and prol democracy,” yet I wonder how u define “real” socialism. From ur apparently Marxist standpoint, “real” socialism must be Marx’s prescription for a socialist economy.

    This prescription is “concentration of all the instruments of production in the hands of the state,” from the 2nd chptr of the Comm Manifesto. If this is real socialism, then Cuba has it already. The Cuban state concentrates all the means of the instruments of production in the hands of the state,” just as Marx prescribes.

    U believe this bogus 100% state ownership formula is real socialism, & that somehow all that is needed is to get rid of those nasty bureaucrats. Hello! It’s that formula that automatically creates those bureaucrats.

    Bureaucracy, & lack of workers control & proletarian democracy are necessary for the Marxist mechanism to stumble along for several decades.

    What is needed is worker-owned cooperative corporations.

  • Tourism in Cuba has undermined socialism and has fueled or regenerated
    ethnic divisions and racism, prostitution, economic inequalities, and corruption,
    all of which has undermine the authority of the state.

    The bureaucracy created a monster and with the economic downturn worldwide in tourism and a debt at 2 Billion Dollars the Cuban government can’t meet, the workers and socialists should expect even more cuts in jobs ( like the state farms) and social services while they make Cuba a playground for the Rich.

    Cuba’s PL 88 should be used against the corruption in the bureaucracy and the Capitalist roaders inside the CCP!

    One day sooner than most think the overturn will take place.

    Forward to real socialism, workers control and proletarian democracy.

    Rojo Rojito


  • Of course there are restrictions!

    Any foreign company operating inside of Cuba is required to obey Cuban law.

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