Cuba Opens Slavery Museum

HAVANA TIMES, June 17 – The first museum in Latin America dedicated to the Slave Route was inaugurated at the San Severino Fortress in the city of Matanzas, 100 kilometers east of the Cuban capital, reported the local press.

At least 20 million Africans were introduced by force in the continent between the 16th and 19th centuries. Slavery was officially abolished in Cuba in 1886. Shortly after, Brazil became the last country on the continent to abolish slavery in 1888. The US abolished slavery in 1865.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Opens Slavery Museum

  • Hi Milagros Garcia Villamil,
    I’m a Seminole Maroon Activist who is featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s book and exhibit :”indiVisible” African-Native American’s in the America’s . There is documentation that my Ancestor’s escaped from Spanish Florida to Matanzas, Cuba and also to Guanabacoa. Does your family have any Ancestoral connections to the Black Seminoles ? Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey” Fixico

  • Wow, no comments about this yet? hmmm ,i guess that i will have to get on the stick and get the word out. Suffice however, just because people may not be able to overstand our- story does not mean that they cannot understand his-tory.
    i thank you guys so much for this i will be going to Reflectiuons of Fidel and see what the word is from the Commandante.

  • Thanks for this. We are indeed preparing to make an extra visit to see this place. i am from Matanza born and bred and our family has one of the lergest cabildos ever in Cuba in Matanzas back in the day. My family sent the word and have asked for my appearance.
    i would have been there now had the incident in DC not taken place, however i have shaken it of as best i could and am moving along 95 south.
    Soon, i will blog about the museum as i have about Elmina Island and Goree alon the slave coast. Perhaps then many will accept that they are African (afro)Cuban and Not black..u think?

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