Cuba Parliament Rejects European Condemnation

HAVANA TIMES, March 11 – The National Assembly of People’s Power (unicameral parliament) rejected the “discriminatory and selective” condemnation of Cuba, approved by the European Parliament in response to the death of political prisoner Orlando Zapata, in a declaration released in Havana.

According to the Cuban legislature, the European decision “manipulates feelings, distorts facts, brandishes lies and hides realities.”  The text mentioned the island’s cooperation in the area of health in countries such as Haiti and held the European nations responsible for the death of minors, repression of immigrants and the unemployed, and complicity with the establishment of illegal prisons and tortures, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Parliament Rejects European Condemnation

  • If you want to know what is to be really subjected to “Distorted and Dictatorial Attitude, and Mentality Forced Upon you” I invite you to “liberate” yourself and move to Cuba. While you are there, have the courage to visit on your own free will, any dissenter’s residence to inquiry about whether the citizens have a right to freely nominate a candidate not chosen by the government. Now, once you are awaken to the reality of what is like to live in a Totalitarian Regime, let your voice be heard on the streets out loud. I’ll be here waiting to “someday” hear your opinion about the treatment you received from your jailers in the twenty plus years that you will rot in your new found “Paradise” thinking about Orlando Zapata.

  • Living in the UK, I am (like it or not) subjected to the distorted and dictatorial attitude and mentality forced upon us by the EU.
    A succession of Prime Ministers has denied the citizens of the UK the opportunity and right to vote in a referendum as to whether or not we wish to be part of the EU.
    The ‘Super Power’ in Brussells have a habit of making ludicrously bizarre decisions- usually to the detriment of UK citizens.
    It comes as no surprise that they have taken this stance on the death of political prisoner Orlando Zapata.
    What is becoming more evident is that the EU is displaying itself as a puppet of the USA.
    The comments regarding Zapata are not representative of citizens within the EU.

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