Cuba Phone Co. Corruption Scandal Leaks

ETECSA is Cuba's only Telecomunicacions Co.

HAVANA TIMES, August 9 — A new large-scale corruption scandal involving yet another Cuban government ministry, Informatics and Telecommunictions, is unfolding today in Havana, reported Reuters.

While no statement has been forthcoming from offical Cuban sources, several executives of ETECSA, Cuba’s monopoly telecomunicaciones company, including its President Maimir Mesa, are under arrest, states Havana based journalist Marc Frank on Tuesday.

Reuters further reported:

“Five or six department directors and deputy directors, and maybe a vice president, have been arrested so far and the vice president of logistics, who was in Panama when the investigation began, decided not to return.”

Advertisement for ETECSA. Photo: Caridad

“But the investigation has just begun and many more people might be involved,” the noted the news agency, adding that a retired company vice president was brought to Havana for questioning.

The sources told Reuters that two separate investigations underway, one at ETECSA, involving its booming cellular phone business, and the other into a submarine fiber optic cable financed largely by Venezuela that links Cuba to that country.

The cable reached Cuba in February but has yet to become operative with the online date pushed back from July to September or October. It is unknown whether the corruption case has anything to do with the failure to meet its widely-touted startup date.

The government of Raul Castro has already prosecuted and sentenced dozens of officials and executives for corruption charges and the president says he will continue to come down hard on abuses found.

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  • Although corruption is endemic in every country of this planet, I can’t think of any other place, apart from Cuba, where it would result in prosecution.

    Virtually everyone in the world accepts corruption, because we know there is no political will to challenge it: what’s happening in Cuba gives humanity hope.

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