Cuba Press Reports Rousseff Win in Brazil

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 4 — Cuba’s dailies highlight the victory of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil’s presidential elections with 47 percent of the vote to 33% of her closest opponent Jose Serra.

In a surprise good showing Green Party candidate Marina Silva finished third with 19%.

Rousseff, who seeks to be her nation’s first female president, ran on the ticket of current President Lula da Silva’s Workers Party (PT).

She now faces a runoff against Serra on October 31, since no candidate obtained a 50% simple majority of the votes tabulated.

One thought on “Cuba Press Reports Rousseff Win in Brazil

  • This is mere and vulgar bourgeois electioneering by one more social-democratic regime: i.e. a de facto neoliberal government. These politicos in fact answer fully to World imperialism — while less and less maintaining the old, faux socialistic-like ‘human face’ to very real and persistent and pernicious reality of brutal and exploitative capitalist relations. No _real_ socialists should be getting too cozy with the likes of Lula da Silva and his ilk. We should instead be concentrating on those ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘out-moded’ and ‘proved to not work’ socialist goals of making solidarity with the laboring masses of all these countries — whether they are run by conservatives OR by their ‘social-democrat’ co-conspirators.

    Screw Lula and the horse he rode in on. Same goes for his successors.
    Long live socialism. REAL socialism.

    All Power to the Workers’ and Farmers’ Councils and Communes.

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