Cuba Press Warns of US Warship Moves

HAVANA TIMES, June 21 — The leading Cuban newspaper sent out a warning on Monday due to “the passing of 12 US and Israeli warships in the Suez Canal in the last 48 hours and heading towards the Red Sea.”

Granma daily said the path of the boats appeared headed to the coasts of Iran in the Persian Gulf.  The paper noted that the only two nuclear powers in the Middle East have not ruled out a military attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear energy program to generate electricity.

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi was quoted as saying “The US has said it will use all of its options against Iran.  We are announcing that we will use all of our options in defense.”

2 thoughts on “Cuba Press Warns of US Warship Moves

  • A warning to the world! All countries not bowing down to US/Israel/West, expect to be next! I hope this US belligerence shatters its economy and probably will. Down With US and Israehell!

  • “The leading Cuban newspaper sent out a warning . . . ” A warning? A warning to whom? Do you think the Iranians don’t know about these “warships” that “appeared’ to be heading to the Persian Gulf?

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