Cuba Protests Abuse of One of “Cuban 5”

HAVANA TIMES, July 30 — Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power (parliament) will protest “to the world” the “inhuman” treatment being received in prison by Gerardo Hernández, one of the five Cuban agents serving long sentences in U.S. prisons. Parliament leader Ricardo Alarcón said that Hernández is suffering from hypertension and bacteria that has damaged his health.  Despite that condition he is kept under punishment for no reason at all, reported IPS.

5 thoughts on “Cuba Protests Abuse of One of “Cuban 5”

  • THE ABUSE OF THESE CUBANS IS NOT A SURPRISE AND AS A MATTER OF FACT neither is the abuse of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu jamal, The weatherhrmen, Sekou Odinga the Move 9 Assata Shakur or any other single person or group of people under the flag of the colonizers and in US Gulags.
    This is simply pressure being put on my Country (cuba) by an ignorant group of insecure supremacist ,racist under the thumb of a lying insecure African pres who does not have a clue..Nor have any of those before him. Now if readers are not supremacist or racist there is no need for your OP because i do not care anyways..i am not writing to make assoc.

    i pick him out because i am an African from Cuba (NON LATINS NON HISPANIC) with more ties to my ancestry than my ethnicity..Having said that it only takes a person who refuses to stand for any interferance or any country or OUTSIDERS who try to impose their beliefs on them whetehr they are red yellow brown or WHITE
    The. Amerikkkn Gov most often has the temperament of a demanding, spoiled child but this is only shown if someone steps on the boundaries of their kingdom. They react this way because of their need to control

    As a Cuban who is optimistic i see no release in my lifetimes but i do see a pot sitting on a stove that is getting hotter and hotter and which will.eventually…….END THIS FOR ME?


  • Carol, perhaps you are surrounded by too many trees, thus everything seems dark; you don’t see the forest. Although I am sure my view is somewhat skewed by by living here in “The People’s Republic of Vermont,” rather than the South or the Mid-West; nevertheless, from what I have observed, more people are now getting their news from sites and sources not controlled by the corporate media. (One example: when the leftie LinkTV conducts its fundraisers, donations pour in from all areas of the the country, including many states noted for their conservative and even reactionary representatives. True, you have to actively search for these sites and sources, but many with active intelligence are dissatisfied with the idiotic content of the major networks, and they now know they have alternatives. Too bad that AIPAC has prevented all the satellite and cable carriers from adding Al Jezeera, which to my mind is the one network with first class coverage of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Like grok, I am optimistic towards the long run. In the meantime, there will be a lot of pain and struggle, but when has it ever been otherwise?

  • Grok, I have to disagree. You are much too optimistic about both the Empire, and the intelligence of the people. I see no reason to hope that we will one day awake and discover we are the bad guys…

    The news does not pay attention to the ‘Cuban 5’, or to the other political prisoners locked away in our dungeons. How can they compete with the latest salacious story about some politician caught with his pants down, or how many women slept with Tiger Woods?

    The Corporate Media, Entertainment Conglomerates, and Public Education System, combine to keep serious subjects out of sight and out of mind. I pay attention to news and current events. I read several different news sources every day. I vary my reading so I don’t become too comfortable reading only those I agree with. And I have to search and search for any news about Latin America, much less the 5 Cuban Heroes. There is no discussion of the military build-up in South America. People don’t know what, or where, the Fourth Fleet is. This weeks actions by the US and its Pals to isolate Venezuela isn’t news. Nor are the new Iranian Sanctions. The BP Oil Spill has vanished from the Headlines, and the Media says the oil has vanished from the Gulf also.

    In the US, we live in a fantasy world and have to watch TV to try and see what ‘Reality’ looks like. That is why there are a multitude of Reality Shows, so we can be entertained by idiots willing to demonstrate they will do any thing for money.

    It is depressing to read the Havana Times and realize how many Cubans believe in those same fantasies. Cuba has citizens willing to suffer torture and prison to help protect it. We have Mercenaries who fight our wars for six-figure salaries, and ‘Spies’ who sell our country out, for money, not principle or patriotism.

    Sorry about the pessimism, but it’s been a difficult week. Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico; followed by 3 oil spills, overt racism in Arizona, and gross stupidity in Congress is enough to depress anyone. Oh, don’t forget, unemployment is up, along with the Stock Market, how is that for some good news to cheer the wealthy?

  • At some point the reality of the ‘de facto’ murderous U.S. police-state will by necessity break thru the official discourse of the U.S. being the World’s most sterling “Democracy”. Probably as the U.S. oligarchy begins to lose WWIII — and control of everything else.

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