Cuba Regulations for Self-Employment

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 29 — The latest initial rules and regulations for self-employment and small business in Cuba are being sold at newsstands around the country.

The government seeks to layoff at least a million workers, or around 20 percent of the Cuban workforce, in the not so far distant future, including a half million workers by the end of March 2011.

Juventud Rebelde newspaper has posted the official Gaceta publication in two documents online (in Spanish).

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One thought on “Cuba Regulations for Self-Employment

  • Socialism, when it comes right down to the basics, is where those who do society’s work own the instruments of production they use for that work. The small entrepreneurial class or stratus is a working class and can only be brought into the socialist project by the ability to own enterprise, serve the people and prosper.

    The new regulations are long overdue. The nationalization of small enterprise that occurred in 1968 should never have happened.

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