Cuba Rejects US Accusations

HAVANA TIMES, August 6 — In a ritual that takes place each year, the United States once again included Cuba in its list of countries that support terrorism, rejected immediately by Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.  The list includes Iran, Sudan, Syria and Cuba.

Rodriguez noted that it is in fact Cuba that has been the victim of terrorist organizations based in the United States that since the revolution have caused over 3,000 deaths.

The US maintains a half century blockade on Cuba in an attempt to destroy its economy.  Washington also prohibits its citizens from visiting the neighboring Caribbean country without a special Treasury Department license.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Rejects US Accusations

  • I agree with Elaine that most US citizens favor travel to Cuba and the lifting of the Blockade. I don’t think it will happen during Obama’s Presidency though. Just as we are still in Iraq, and torturing prisoners in Guantanamo, so too has Obama continued the Blockade. Even worse, while condemning Cuba’s treatment of Political Prisoners, he cynically continues the unjust captivity of the 5 Cuban Heroes, along with other Political Prisoners such as Mohammed Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier.

    As for ‘Terrorist Nations” the USA continues to hold the record in that category.

  • As an American, I am deeply embarrassed by this designation of Cuba as a “terrorist” country. I assure you that 99% of Americans know this is not true. Many Americans who travel to Cuba do so because they love Cuba, but also as a protest against this ridiculous situation.
    I am sure that President Obama will soon lift this ban, and would have done so already if not for the many crises he has faced since taking office. In a democracy he does have to keep 51% of the people happy. However, as in every society, it is the rich who call the shots.
    Our Senator from California, Lois Capps, has once again sponsored a bill to lift the American travel ban to Cuba. I will scan her letter to you.
    I do worry though that once opened up to American commerce, Cuba will be flooded with consumer goods, polluting automobiles, and too much tourism that will ruin life as it is in Cuba. I hope the government is savy enough to allow just the needed products: building materials, medicines, computers, etc. But no one in the history of the world has shown that kind of restraint when there is money to be made.

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