Cuba Rejects US Accusations

Cuban kids. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, June 15 — Cuban authorities lambasted the inclusion of their country on the latest list of countries that allow the trafficking of persons.

Josefina Vidal of the North American desk at the Cuban Foreign Ministrys said in response to a report drafted by the US State Department that in Cuba “there is no trafficking of minors for sex, only an exemplary protection of children, teenagers and women.”

The US included Cuba among the list of countries that do not comply with minimum standards on fighting person trafficking.

The report, which includes the situation in 177 countries claims that Cuba is a source of the trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation, reported IPS.

One thought on “Cuba Rejects US Accusations

  • Like all imperialist slavers and murderers, these oligarchic killers — U.S., european, israeli, etc. — feel psychologically compelled to project the intent of their own malignant praxis onto the very victims of their crimes. It’s almost automatic and completely predictable: these calculating attempts to shift focus away from their own acts of this very nature. There seems to be a very sick need indeed, for such blood-soaked monsters to continually act-out their own psychotic political (and likely personal too) fantasy life, on the very object of their actions: viz. the continual, obscene projection of nazi-esque fascist brutality by the zionists on the palestinian population. Or, historically, how the U.S. Empire itself projected its genocidal brutality against the defensive actions of indians and blacks and colonial nations… It is truly sick what they are doing — and yet, with their power, they remain essentially unchallenged. For now. But we can all see their power over us wanes by the day, if not the hour. They shall be defeated.

    All that cubans, and other targets of this vicious, ruthless slander and libel can do for the moment is hold the fort — and continue to see to it that the truth will out. As it will, completely, eventually. And soon, AFAIC.

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