Cuba Rescues Haitian Shipwreck Survivors

HAVANA TIMES, Dec 25 — In a tragic Christmas Eve news item, an official Cuban website reports that the Cuban Coast Guard had rescued 87 Haitians while 38 dead bodies were recovered near the far eastern tip of the island.

Cuba’s Civil Defense officials said the bodies were located 100 meters east of Punta Maisi in Guantanamo province.

The rescue mission continues with the Cuban Red Cross and local authorities involved in the search, reported

One thought on “Cuba Rescues Haitian Shipwreck Survivors

  • December 26, 2011 at 2:58 am

    Well done!

    What remains unclear is where the Haitians were headed for? With Haiti in such a mess and Haitians being racially discrininated afgainst in the Dominican Republic. one would think nearby Cuba would be the destiny of choice. But if any Haitians had recently travelled by boat to Cuba, landed and were resettled, nothing of that kind ever came up in news reports. Can it therefore be that the Haitians were trying to reach the US? Prior to the revolution, Haitians and Jamaicans saw Cuba as a place to emigrate to as is evidenced by their descendants living in Oriente. What happened? It may be worthy of an article in Havana Times.

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