Cuba Says US Behind Prolonged Venezuela Blackout

Photo: Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government on Monday charged that the United States was behind the now five day-long power blackout in Venezuela, accusing Washington of “sabotage” and a “terrorist act,” reported dpa news.

Cuba “strongly condemns sabotage to the supply of electricity in Venezuela, which constitutes a terrorist act aimed at harming the defenceless population of an entire nation,” the government said in a statement.

The massive power blackout last Thursday left almost all of Venezuela without power and there are still blackouts in large areas of the country.

Electricity had been restored to parts of Caracas, but the capital suffered another complete outage on Monday.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed the outage on what he termed cyber attacks by the United States.

But the opposition has cited poor maintenance of facilities as the reason for the power outages.

13 thoughts on “Cuba Says US Behind Prolonged Venezuela Blackout

  • Hahaha. Obviously you have drank the koolaid.

  • It is the standard response of all dictators to blame the opposition and external enemies for all their shortcomings and the pathetic corrupt and incompetent poodle Maduro who is only clinging to power by military force is proof of that. Think about Maduros recent “supposedly factual” statements:
    Maduro says “There is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela” (His people just naturally like to eat out of the garbage it seems)
    Maduro says “There is no health crisis in Venezuela” (His people just naturally like to supply their own dressings and drugs and have no problem that the hospitals are without water, power or supplies it seems)
    Maduro says “There is no emigration crisis in Venezuela” (3-4 million of his people just want to go on a permanent holiday perhaps)
    Maduro says “The People support Me and the Bolivarian reviolution” ( polls show 85-90% of the people want him gone and a growing number want to hang him from a lampost)
    Now Maduro says (without any evidence at all) “The opposition in league with the USA sabotaged the power grid” (Local and international experts put the problem down to the lack of investment, maintenance and employment of trained people by the government, in other words incompetence and corruption).

  • The C.I.A. is behind all of this turmoil in Venezuela!! Get real and think about it for 10 minutes! All that oil, gold, diamonds and many other natural resoures that they want but cannot have!! They have been trying for 20 years to get their puppet dictator into Venezuela! The people won’t have it! Plain and simple!! The natural resourses belong to the people of Venezuela! Yankee go home!! Stay home if you know what is good for you!! Donkeys!!!

  • The Cuban statement is plain nonsense. The US didn’t cause to blackout, but Maduro’s decision to blame the US for the black reminds of me when Fidel Castro blamed the US for many of Cuba’s economic ills. The Cubans recall how the US attempted to damage electrical lines in Cuba, but it’s possible that the Trump Treasury Department lacks the financial capacity to enforce Cuba-related sanctions.

  • Olga, respectfully, the argument you make that I cannot evaluate Cuba because I am an American is faulty. Further, you raise arguments that you allege I make regarding my ill feelings for Trump. I never mentioned Trump, notwithstanding the fact he is a horrible president. Olga, when you counter a point, try to address the points and not raise issues that simply were presented. By doing so, you expose your own biased agenda. By the way, you make assumptions about me that are false. I have traveled to Cuba more than 150 times in past and have family that resides in the provinces, living as “normal Cubans” (anticipating your argument, I give no remittances to them), they are teachers, doctors, directors of factories, pizza shop owners, nurses and administrators. They don’t have all western material luxuries, but they are certainly fine. They have their opinions -which they share without fear- and share those opinions. Olga, read the article I posted above, and try to behave accordingly.

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