Cuba Sends Medical Team to Nepal

Cuban doctors and other health workers leave for Nepal.  Foto:
Cuban doctors and other health workers leave for Nepal. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba sent a group of 49 health workers including 22 doctors on Friday to Nepal after the devastating earthquake last April 25, reported dpa news.

The brigade from the Henry Reeve humanitarian aid contingent, was sent off before dawn by Health Minister Roberto Morales and other senior officials of the Cuban government.

The Cubans took a field hospital with them that includes, among other services, a surgical unit and intensive care unit, said the official Cubadebate website.

For several decades Cuba has carried out for humanitarian aid missions especially in countries in Africa and Latin America.

The Caribbean island was in the forefront starting last year in the international fight against Ebola, epidemic that killed thousands of people in West Africa. More than 250 Cuban medical aid workers worked for months in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the three countries most affected by the outbreak.

The devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25 measured 7.8 on the Richter scale. More than 7,600 people died in the tragedy in the Himalayan region, according to latest estimates.

The UN estimates that 256,000 houses were damaged and a quarter of the 31 million inhabitants of the country were affected by the tragedy.

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  • Those Castro sycophants like yourself have abandoned humanity in order to support the imposition of communism upon the people of Cuba. You Analyser make me vomit, not because of your childish abuse, but because you care naught for the plight of the people of Cuba
    I as the Godfather of a Cuban child and being related to almost seventy Cubans with my home in Cuba, write of the reality. You from your perch in the free world pontificate about theoretical ideas and concepts which belong to and should remain in the 19th century.
    To admire Raul Castro Ruz as you do, is to admire repression, to admire the removal of individual freedom, to admire execution without trial and to support the concept of making the people into a conforming mass because “to think as an individual is criminal.”
    You made your choice and I made mine. Go and quit thinking – conform!

  • Castro sycophants vs. Mac Moron? Which is the “respectable ” reply?

  • Here is an example. Once they arrive in country, their passports are taken from them. They are not allowed to speak to the press. See the point?

  • Do you have evidence of Cuban doctors being “sold for their services” like chattel? I can buy that they were paid a fraction of the value of their services, but treated like slaves?

  • Yeah, calling out someone else for name-calling while dubbing everyone who admires the Cuban Government “Castro sycophants”.

    Great way to have a “respectful exchange”.

  • I have been going to Cuba for only 15 years. Having spent my winters there and living in Casa Particulars and having spoken to many Cuban professionals and many “on the street Cubans,” I know about what I am talking. As for doctors not defecting, read the article entitled, “Cuban Gov. Threatens “Its” Doctors with Family in Brazil.” Foreign patients are treated differently than Cubans. Extranjeros have to pay for medical services; Cubans do not. The hospital in Holguin has special rooms for foreign patients; especially, those foreigners who have medical insurance. I am not propagandizing. I merely stating what I have seen and heard in the 15 years of traveling to Cuba. Do I, as a Canadian know about what I am talking? Let us converse in English or in Spanish – a Spanish that I have learned living in Cuba and interacting with Cubans on a daily basis. It is, indeed, ironic that you accuse me of spewing propaganda. Read your post and spot the irony. Amen.

  • Lots of countries have sent medical teams to help in the fight against ebola. Lots sent larger groups: from countries (US, UK, …) to NGO’s (MSF).
    Your “over the top” statements show what you are all about: blatant propaganda.

  • Respect for human rights is one of the principles the whole world subscribes to.
    It are the Castro brothers that violate human rights.
    Rather “unprincipled”, no?

  • lots of countries have sent medical teams to help in the fight against ebola. Lots sent larger groups: from countries (US, UK, …) to NGO’s (MSF).
    Your “over the top” statements show what you are all about: blatant propaganda.

  • You are a tourist so you have not “experienced” the Cuban health system for Cubans.
    Both sides of the “apartheid” medical system in Cuba are very different.
    As far as the “medicos de casa” in Cuba: over a third (and according to some sources) up to half of the medical posts have been closed. The “policlinicos” have also suffered lots of closures and in the bast case a drastic reduction of staff. Hospitals for Cubans lack specialized staff. All because the doctors are rented out by the regime.
    In addition to the closures and the absence of staff all facilities of Cubans are in a state of disrepair and lack equipment.
    As far as freedom goes: note that Cuban doctors are amongst the least free people in Cuba as they are barred from international travel, emigration, … They are “assets” to be used for the survival of the regime.
    As far as the “heroes welcome” you claim they got: false.
    “Sin embargo en el momento del recibimiento de los que cumplieron su misión, no hubo ninguna personalidad presente, ni siquiera el ministro de Salud Pública, ni un vice ministro; y por supuesto Raúl Castro no apareció por todo aquello, no se arriesgó a estar en el aeropuerto, ni a saludarlos, aunque fuera de lejos.”

  • There is a Motto in one of the high schools in my country and I quote. “Principia non homenes” ( Latin) It means, “Principles not men.” We must all live and die for our principles. The Castro Brothers who hailed from rich families, were touched by the plight of the masses who were homeless,lacking proper medical care, uneducated, oppressed and exploited by the oligarchs, dwelling in abject povery, without any hope of existing like the human beings they were created to be. The Castro brothers abandoned their life of luxary and came to the defence of the poor, downtrdden, unreprested masses and gave them hope by ensuring that every Cuban, regardless of their station in life, must get a bite of the fruit of the land. For this Great Humanitarian Gesture, they are Satanized, demonized, denounced, villified, ostracized, targeted by those who wanted the fruit of the land all for themselves, their families and friends. When a leader decides to change the status quo, he is subject to be assassinated, but principles are principles and, if you believe in your cause, you should be prepared to die for your cause. The world will always forget the oppressors and exploiters, the naysyers and the propagandists, but history will always resurrect the names of those who brought Meaningful Change to the world. Abraham Lincoln, a United States President once said “God must have loved the common people, he made so many of them. With this acknowledgment, why is America assasinating those who fight in the interest of God’s people? Keep fighting for those oppressed people, Fidel and Raul. When both of you die, the epitaph on your tombstone will read like that of Euripedes,( A Greek Writer) “This monument does not make you famous, oh Euripedes, but thou maketh this monument famous.” Principia non homenes.” Principles not men..

  • My friend, I have just been to Cuba and had a first hand view of their medical system for I received medical attention there. What about the family doctor? What about a hospital in every municipality? Why is it that Americans find their way to Cuba to seek professional medical attention at a far cheaper rate? It is because the Cubans believe in the dignity of the human being not in the dollars. You talk about free doctors? Those who fought the Ebola disease in Africa returned home to a heroes welcome and some of them are back in Nepal. All have returned home from their missions abroad; none has defected. People dying to see a doctor? Do you rally know about the Cuban Medical system? Have you ever been to Cuba? Man, you do not have a clue of what you are speaking about . False propaganda. Cuban doctors have migrated to America, only to end up becoming taxi drivers, a waste of good talent and training. Many have returned home because of their disillusionment with America. Stop spreading your propaganda and go see for your self. You all propagandize this false image of Cuba. Nobody walks the streets of Cuba hungry and homeless. Nobody drops down on the streets of Cuba for want of proper medical attention. Cuba still has a long way to go, so does America with her homeless and her rising crime. Look at the example of the Cuban Five? Heroes of the Cuban Revolution and heroes of the world population who believe in freedom and justice. Would anyone who is not free, make such a sacrifice to defend their homeland?

  • AlthoughI see that the Cuban government sending humanitarian help to other countries is “altruistic” (notice the quotation marks), what of the Cuban people who need access to medical help – in Cuba? The dregs of the barrel that are left behind
    to administer to the sick and helpless have become overwhelmed. If the ordinary
    Cuban seeking relief suffered long lines and long waits to see a doctor before doctors left for other countries, the lines and the waiting times are even longer. A
    friend had an appointment with a doctor at 7:00 AM to discuss her upcoming
    operation. She did not see the doctor until 4:15 PM. The discussion lasted 10
    minutes. I have spoken to Cubans who have told me about people who have died
    waiting to see a doctor. Sending doctors overseas is, indeed, commendable. But,
    at what cost to human life? What is missing here is that the Cuban government
    cannot or is unwilling to fathom the devastating effects that such an “altruistic”
    attitude (that it has towards other countries) has on its people. Que lastima!

  • Here’s your mistake: Doctors are free people. Free countries don’t send free people. Free countries send equipment, medical supplies, even $$$, but free people VOLUNTEER. In totalitarian system like Cuba, doctors are not free and like chattel can be sold for their services. Nonetheless, the list of countries who allow and even support their medical personnel to volunteer for service abroad is a long one. Try Google

  • Moses, you are a cauldron of hatred for anything Cuban and Castro. Point to any other government or country which has sent such a large contingent of medical personnel to any country during their period of disaster? Name me one?

  • Carlyle, Why are you so caustic? The brigade has just returned from Africa combating the dreaded Ebola disease and there they go again. Why not congratulate them on their humanitarian efforts? Soar like an eagle and express appreciation! Stop being so sarcastic, The only country in the world which has sent medical brigades all around the world to assist the inhabitants of those countries affected, thereby ushering a new era of how Doctors should operate. A great difference from exploiting patients to become millionaires. No compassion for humanity, just driven with the desire to fleece and fleece and fleece.

  • There is a school in England Moses, Winchester College which has as its motto”
    ‘Manners maketh Man’
    Analyser has his own:
    ‘Analis abuse Analyser’

  • 25 April – disaster. 8th May departure (not arrival) of Cuban medical team. Interval 13 days.

  • You are incorrect about the Ebola epidemic. Medicin sans Frontier was fighting Ebola a full year prior to the eventual Cuban contribution and the organization has the support of Western governments. Yes, Cuba is the nearest country to Haiti, but numerous other countries contributed with medical teams, construction teams and money. The UN appointed Micheal Jean as their representative and she is a Canadian. In Nepal there were rescue and medical teams from India, the UK, Israel, Canada, New Zealand and Australia a full week prior to Cuba contributing.
    One additional way that Cuba could contribute would be to accept refugees. Canada accepts 300,000 immigrants per year very many of whom are political and racial refugees – how many does “humanitarian” Cuba accept?
    The statement you made that Cuba’s humanitarian response “far outstrips” that of western governments is ludicrous in the extreme.

  • Eventually!

  • Like most Castro sycophants, when confronted with opinions different than your own, you resort to name-calling rather than lifting the debate to a respectful exchange.

  • Tom, your information is incorrect. The French and US doctors were the first on the ground in West Africa to effectively respond to the Ebola outbreak. The Castros were the first to respond to the WHO request for proposal for additional medical support. For the Castros it was a savvy business move. The Castros masterfully generated a public image that this effort was altruistic. You obviously fell for it.

  • cuba=humanity

  • Perhaps Carlyle should remember that Cuba has been the first to have medical teams on the spot in so many natural disasters eg Haiti earthquake;and the first to respond to WHO appeal for doctors to deal with the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.Their humanitarian response far oustrips of western governments although rarely mentioned by CNN BBC and English-speaking press.

  • The Castro Brothers are at it again helping the needy around the world!

  • Well done Raul, ignore the sad excuse of humanity of Mac Moron

  • Better late than never.

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