Cuba Study Group Calls for Relaxing Embargo

HAVANA TIMES — The Cubaencuentro website revealed a press release on Thursday from the Cuba Study Group, asking the US government to “relax the embargo” on Cuba by repealing of the Helms-Burton Act.

Entitled “Restoring Executive Authority Over US Policy Toward Cuba,” the document considers that such laws “deny the US the flexibility to respond quickly and strategically to changing events in Cuba as they occur.”

The paper proposes a series of immediate measures that the executive can take with its authority over licensing concessions to secure and expand the free flow of information and resources on the island.

The statement maintains that the Helms-Burton Act has failed to secure international sanctions and that it has proven itself unsuccessful in promoting change on the island.


7 thoughts on “Cuba Study Group Calls for Relaxing Embargo

  • Cuba has already implemented some reforms (ending the exit permit requirements and the emigration reforms).

    Other changes are likely coming such as relaxing the information blockade through such measures as gradually opening up internet access to ordinary Cubans. Also expect the ridiculous restrictions preventing elite athletes from pursuing their dreams abroad to end.

    Ending the remaining travel restrictions on ordinary Americans visiting Cuba would be a good next step for the US.

  • I agree with his point but please read Griffin’s comment and then mine.

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