Cuba Supports Syria at the UN

HAVANA TIMES, Dec 4 — Cuba rejected foreign intervention in Syria when the Arab country was criticized on Friday at the UN Human Rights Council because of alleged violations committed by its government security forces.

For its part, Ecuador, on behalf of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA), expressed support for Damascus and drew attention to the poor handling of the matter by the mass media.

The resolution of condemnation of the Syrian government was approved by 37 votes in favor, 6 abstentions and 4 votes against: Russia, China, Cuba and Ecuador.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Supports Syria at the UN

  • grady i have no problem with you charging my political soul with heresy. your comments reveal just as much about you ‘political soul’. to put it simply, i am against authoritarian regimes with fascist tendencies regardless of what the u.s. position is, while you, comrade, check the political temperatures before making an assesment. your tone and analysis is one that will change depending on which way the political winds are blowing. if the u.s. were to strike up an alliance with the syrian baathists or the iranian mullahs, you would suddenly be outraged about syrias violence and the theocratic system in iran. which simply demonstates my thoughts about the majority of the left, who, it pains me to say, like to fancy themselves as people of principle, but in reality they make their judgements according to who is and who is not on friendly terms with the u.s. this will not due. my political soul can sleep easy, its yours that is compromised.

  • For “rob” to characterize the vote of Russia, China, Cuba and Ecuador as “a milder and tamer version of the hitler/stalin pact” is an indication of his political soul.

    It is open knowledge that Syria is on the hit list of the US and NATO. There’s a YouTube video of retired US Army General Wesley Clark that gives this list. People on the Left who line up against countries like Libya, Syria and Iran reveal their true political essence.

  • cuba and the bolivarian alliance standing up for the baathists. a milder and tamer version of the hitler/stalin pact.

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