Cuba Supreme Court Commutes Death Sentence

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 29 – The Supreme Court of Cuba decided to commute for a 30-year sentence Humberto Eladio Real Suárez’ death sentence. He was tried in 1994 for landing on the island with the aim of carrying out subversive actions against the government. This was the last of the maximum sentences that still remained in the Caribbean island nation, whose authorities have not applied it since 2003, reported IPS.

AP noted: “On Oct. 15, 1994, Real and six other members of a Florida-based exile group came ashore in northern Cuba, armed with assault rifles and other weapons. A man was killed, and the group was captured shortly thereafter.  Real received the death penalty, and the others got lengthy prison sentences.”

2 thoughts on “Cuba Supreme Court Commutes Death Sentence

  • In 1988 the German Democratic Republic was the first and so far the last of the real socialist countries to abolish the death penalty. The Republic of Cuba could be the second. My thoughts are with the families of the innocent victims of Humberto Eladio Real Suárez,with the families of the three young young black misguided Cubans who hijacked a Havana ferry in 2003 and faced a firing squad nine days later as well as with the family of General Ochoa and so many others.
    Venezuela can be proud that it abolished the death penalty as early as 1863.
    In the Western Hemsiphere the shame of the death penalty is sitill with 35 states in the United States, most notoriously Texas

  • As a Cuban, who has always been opposed to death sentences and harsh sentences, i am happy for Eladio..However i beeieve that anyone caught spying or planning subversive activities in Cuba shoud get the same. They should be made to pay for thier mis planning ..He should be sent out of Cuba with clothing as few dolars and a one way ticket!..TO ANYWHERE AS LONG ITS NOT SOMEWHERE WHERE POOR PEOPLE LIVE….WHERE IS THAT?

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