Cuba Supreme Court Reaffirms Ruling Against Opposition Writer

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban Supreme Court on Monday rejected the appeal of writer Angel Santiesteban, and upheld the five-year sentence against him by the Provincial Court of Havana on December 6.

The dissident, 46, was charged with physical assault  and trespassing, though he considers the case to have been fabricated and manipulated for political reasons as a result of the blog post “Los hijos que nadie quiso” (The children that nobody wanted), which strongly criticizes the situation on the island.

“Before the gates of the prison, I feel I have beaten them at their own game. If a government has had to cheat in order to silence my voice and to send me to prison thinking that this will silence me, then that is proof of its defeat,”  Santiesteban told the Café Fuerte website.