Cuba Telephone Co. Suspends Voice Mail

Luis Rondon Paz

ETECSA office. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba’s state telecommunications monopoly (ETECSA) suspended its voice mail service until further notice, after a massive fraud in the charging of its customers became public.

Havana Times reported on September 23 that ETECSA admitted that its voice mail service was improperly discounting the balance of its cellphone subscribers

Product of the repeated claims made by those who had the voice mail service, on Friday at 8:30 p,m,, ETECSA-CUBACEL, sent out a mass message (SMS) to cellphone customers announcing the temporary suspension, product of its malfunctioning, and apologized for the inconvenience.

According to statements from ETECSA staff, the company is not currently taking new subscriptions to the voice mail service as its technological platform does not have the capacity to assimilate new users..

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  • Its par for the course. ETECSA as a State monopoly demonstrates the inefficiences inherent in the system. No competition, high prices, no service, no nada!
    Vote for Socialismo, but don’t tell anyone – well not by telephone anyway!

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