Cuba Tells US, Don’t Panic

By Circles Robinson

Havana street scene.  Photo: Caridad
Havana street scene. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 4 – Cuba’s official daily Granma called Monday the Obama administration’s new airline travel security measures “anti-terrorist paranoia.”

The new measures put into place include a compulsory body and luggage search of passengers coming from 14 countries on Washington’s list of what it considers “state sponsors of terrorism.”

These include Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, and others not yet specified, noted the Cuban daily.

The US government is under fire for airport security breaches that occurred over the holidays including one that allegedly could have led to a bomb going off on a commercial airliner.

Cuba is the country in the America’s that has been the victim of the largest number of terrorist attacks including the bombing of a Cubana Airlines plane that killed 73 persons back in 1976.

The attacks against the island and its leaders were mostly plotted from safe havens in Miami.

While maintaining strict security measures at its airports, Cuba does not practice mandatory body or luggage searches, relying on x-ray equipment, metal detectors and selective searches.

While ordinary US citizens are forbidden by their government from visiting Cuba without special Treasury Department permission, numerous charters carrying Cuban-Americans – now exempt from the prohibition – travel between the US and Havana daily.

4 thoughts on “Cuba Tells US, Don’t Panic

  • Perhaps it has excaped the attention of the authorities in Havana that there is no scheduled service between Cuba and USA – only charter flights.

    So, just who is it that will undertake the pre-flight screening? Cubans acting on behalf of the non-scheduled carriers?

    The usual suspects!

    Amid all this “security” foolishness, it’s good to see that Uncle Sam gets a dig in. Cuba could use the opportunity to develop a better sense of humour.

  • Sadly, Geo. W. Obama is proving every day that he is a complete quisling of the big banks, military-industrial complex, & etc. I suppose this is how we spell “racial equality” in the US!

    When the Soviet Bloc evaporated in the early 1990s, the empire needed a new enemy with which to frighten the US people. Otherwise, the whole Halliburtonist, military-industrial monster, along with the hundreds-of-billions in yearly interest profits on an ever-growing National Debt, would be in jeopardy.

    What to do? Oh, what to do?

    Presto, enter Al-Queda and international terrorism.

    I wonder what would happen if the goofy Islamic militants would finally realize that they are playing right into the hands of world monopoly capitalism?

    Will they ever see that what they are doing does not threaten Western Imperialism in any way, but simply allows the people in Western countries to be manipulated for war and profits?

  • Circles, the US had had Nigerians threatening to blow up airlines (or so they claim i do not believe it) should the imperialist not be focusing on those issues and the fact that the CIA has allowed parties to ne infiltrated by uninvited guests?..Sadly i knew that Prez Obama was silly \but not this stupid

  • TRANSFORMATION IS NEEDED AND WILL COME..BUT NOT LIKE THIS..THE US WILL NEVER EVER STOP TRAVEL.This is fear based agitation caused by Billary** and accepted by Barak H Obama that will only cause resistance..USA u should be ashamed

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