Cuba to Air Evidence of Posada’s Terrorist Plots

HAVANA  TIMES, Jan. 10 — Cuba will broadcast today on its state-run television new evidence of the responsibility of terrorist Posada Carriles in actions against the island, in a program titled Las Razones de Cuba (Cuba’s Reasons).

The material includes statements by Francisco Chávez Abarca, a Salvadoran citizen sentenced to 30 years for terrorism against the Caribbean country. Posada goes on trial today in El Paso, Texas, for having lied to that country’s immigration authorities, reported IPS.

Posada, a hero of the far right and militant Miami based Cuban exile groups, is not being charged with his acknowledged role in blowing up a Cuban passenger plane that killed all 73 on board in 1976 or deadly explosions at Havana hotels in the 1990s.

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One thought on “Cuba to Air Evidence of Posada’s Terrorist Plots

  • If found guilty, he could face deportation, but to what country. He should pay for his crimes against humanity.

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