Cuba to Assess US Immigration Proposal

HAVANA TIMES, May 26 — Cuban authorities will examine “with great interest” the offer of the United States government to reopen talks on migratory issues interrupted in 2003, said Ricardo Alarcon, chair of the Cuban parliament, reported IPS.

Cuban President Raul Castro has stated on numerous occasions that his government is willing to hold conversations with the US on a wide range of topics as long as the talks take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and without pre-conditions.

One thought on “Cuba to Assess US Immigration Proposal

  • YES!! way to go.. i hope this is will lead to the final solutions concerning the embargo as well. They can and should have such talks..
    Also all of those who want to leave. or should be run out of town don’t let the door hit ya,where the Cuban sun will never shine again..See ya!

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