Cuba to Host Cliff Diving World Series on May 10

From a previous Cliff Diving World Series event.
From a previous Cliff Diving World Series event.

HAVANA TIMES — The Cliff Diving World Series will be held for the first time in Cuba this coming May 10 at the emblematic Morro Fortress, from which the world’s top 14 cliff divers will jump into the sea.

According to Cubadebate, the competitors, all men, will jump from a platform placed at 27 meters high and mounted on the cliff at the entrance of Havana Bay. The steel and aluminum structure will stand seven meters high and eight out over the sea to avoid risks.

Among the athletes coming is the Colombian Orlando Duque, first monarch of the circuit in 2009 and world champion in Barcelona 2013 ; Russian Artem Silchenko number one ranking and the winner of the previous World Series event; and Britain’s Gary Hunt, winner of the event three times (2010, 2011 and 2012).

Cuba will not have representatives in the event, due to the short time of preparation for the two national candidates.

Cliff diving is a risky mode where diving is performed (five for men from 27 meters high and three for women from 20 meters), after being suspended in the air for three seconds and hitting water at nearly 100 miles per hour.

One thought on “Cuba to Host Cliff Diving World Series on May 10

  • The majority of Cuba’s world class athletes prefer to compete abroad. I was in Cuba when the Men and Women’s national volleyball team were forced to cancel international matches in Cuba because the volleyball center in Havana did not have air-conditioning. I was surprised to speak with one of the players and learn that this change in venue to the Dominican Republic was good news to her. That said, when international competitions come to Cuba, Cuba’s athletes are less motivated to compete. It comes as no surprise that Cuba will not have divers in this competition despite having several divers who finished well in the London Olympics. When the competition is in Cuba, you can’t defect, so what’s the point?

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