Cuba to Release Last 2 of 75 Dissidents

HAVANA TIMES, March 23 — The Cuban government will conclude the process of releasing the 75 dissidents tried in 2003 with the release of Félix Navarro and José Ferrer in the next few hours, the Havana Archbishopric announced.

Their release, which has been accompanied by that of other political prisoners, responds to the agreement of the authorities with the Catholic Church and Spain, reported IPS.

Meanwhile the Ladies in White, wives and relatives of Cuban political prisoners, will continue with their protests in favor of the release of other inmates, after the release of the 75 dissidents tried in 2003 concludes, Bertar Soler, the group’s spokeswoman, affirmed.

According to Elizardo Sánchez, president of the illegal Cuban Commission of Human Rights and National Reconciliation, on the island there are still 60 persons in prison for political reasons.

2 thoughts on “Cuba to Release Last 2 of 75 Dissidents

  • ok, thanx for the info, but I do not understand why they were arrested and found guilty to begin with- Cuba just doesn’t throw people in jail. I understand many of these were not just criminals but those helping to create terrorism within Cuba not unlike posada carillo or the US agent scumbag foundin Pakistan working/assisting the “Pakistan taliban” ( acutally the c.i.a. taliban )
    Would you folks please explain why they were arrested to begin with AND more importantly- just how is it the catholic church has so much effect in Cuba. Please remeber the pope is one who has supported pediphiles within the church for decades, he also in his early years was a nazi supporter and it was the church’s “ratline” organization that assisted in getting the nazis out of postwwii europe- not what I would call a good humanitarian organization.
    I thank you for your time and consideration, Paul morningstar

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