Cuba to Sell New Cancer Treatment

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 26 – Cuba will begin before this year closes the marketing of Vidatox, a medicine produced based on the blue scorpion (Rophalorous Junceus) venom, which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, sources from the Biological Pharmaceutical Laboratories (LABIOFAM) announced. This therapy against cancer has been already used with positive results on around 14,000 persons, reportó IPS.

5 thoughts on “Cuba to Sell New Cancer Treatment

  • Dear Madam/Sir,

    i am able to provide a couple of people with the original Vidatox from Cuba.

    Send me a Mail and i will contact you.
    [email protected]


  • Dear madam / sir,
    my brother is sick of AIDS-associated kaposi sarcoma, Immunogram CD-107 viral load 86 ??????. Could you give me the names of clinics and information as treated in this way. Help please!
    Thank you in advance for your time! Alina.

  • Dear Madam/Sir,

    My sister in China suffers has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage4. Can you please give me the information and telephone about where we can buy Vidatox or my sister can go for this treatment.
    Thank you very much!
    Lien Chao

  • Hello Sir,
    My husband has stge 4 lung cancer with mastastisis, my father in law has told me of new cance medication/treatment, discovered there, Could you supply me with infprmation and the names of hospita;s in cuba that treats cancer with this treatment as well as emails and addresses.
    Thank you for your time and efforts.
    Faith Martins Dias

  • Dear Sir-Madam;
    My wifehas had breast cancer-It has now turned to bone cancer-I understand that you have cancer treatment centers (hospitals) in Cuba that treat cancer
    Can you supply me with names and e-maIL addresses of them
    Thanking you
    Harry Budnick

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