Cuba to Shanghai 2010 Expo

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 23 – Cuba confirmed today its participation in the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, in which it will have a 500-square-meter  stand with a display of its principal products and its culture, reported IPS.  An architect and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce will arrive in October to that Chinese city to start the assembly of the Cuban pavilion.

3 thoughts on “Cuba to Shanghai 2010 Expo

  • This is funny:
    In the mid-1800s in San Francisco, California, ship captains had sever problems keeping deck hands, b/c theirs would “jump ship” to go to the gold fields. These ship captains consequently would kidnap drunken individuals from the waterfront and take them on board to “sleep it off.” When the hapless victims would awaken, they would find themselves on a sailing ship at sea, heading west across the Pacific toward Shanghai, China. This became such a common occurrence the verb “to Shanghai” entered the English lexicon. It means to take something or someone over by not-too-honorable means. When I saw the title of the article above, I took it to mean that Cuba was going “to Shanghai” the 2010 Expo, but not in a good way. ha!

  • It’s indeed very good news. Shanghai it’s a great business center in China, and that’s why it has all the specialists needed in this area, even corporate and business lawyers to take care of every detail.

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