Cuba to Tax Food Imported by Travelers

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government will reinstitute the collection of taxes on food imported by all travelers entering the country, according to a statement from the Customs office.

The announcement indicates that the charging of fees on non-commercial food brought into the country will affect all Cuban passengers — residents as well as non-residents — although an exemption will remain in place on quantities of medicines of less than 10 kilograms of per passenger.

The measure reinstates a temporary exemption from taxes that was applied in the wake of Hurricanes “Gustav,” “Ike” and “Paloma,” which hit the island in 2008 to leave about $10 billion dollars in losses.


One thought on “Cuba to Tax Food Imported by Travelers

  • if tourists are not happy with the food available in cuba then someone should be importing the food that tourists like. in most countries people prefer their traditional diet and this is especially true of the chinese and japanese. if cuba can`t produce the food that they like it must be imported or chinese and japanese will never come in large numbers. that`s a incontrovertable fact. cuba is growing rice again so some japanese sticky rice could be planted where it wouldn`t pollinate other varieties and then it`s not too hard to make sushi with rice vinegar. some ethnic cooking classes on television would be a good idea. the russians like red beet soup so plant red beet which is very nourishing. it`s not hard to make kim-chi. it`s in delhi restaurants. in europe, the chinese tourists on tour buses bring a box of their own chinese food. they just won`t eat european food.

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