Cuba to Up MDs in Brazil to 11,000

Cuban doctors are working in well over 50 countries.

HAVANA TIMES — The Brazilian ambassador in Havana announced that this year the number of Cuban doctors providing service in the poorest zones in his country with difficult access will reach 11,000, reported Fernando Ravsberg.

Currently there are around 4,000 Cuban doctors working in Brazil.  They arrived during the last four months of 2013 to participate in the “More Doctors” program of President Dilma Rousseff.

Making possible the presence of the Cuban doctors is a South-South cooperation agreement endorsed by the Pan American Health Organization. The program will provide the Cuban government with some US $500 million and take medical care to millions of Brazilians who have never had it.

4 thoughts on “Cuba to Up MDs in Brazil to 11,000

  • Are you forgetting about the Cuban weapons hidden under sacks of sugar, hidden on the North Korean freighter?

  • Don’t be a jerk! Do you know even one Cuban doctor or even one internationalist as they call them? I do. My mother-in-law did not want to leave her husband and family for two years to work in some hot, sticky frickin’ Venezuelan jungle. But the opportunity to earn 10 times her monthly salary and maybe buy a few nice things for her loved ones made the sacrifice worthwhile. The motivation of these Cuban doctors is not like what we hear motivates our own Doctors w//o borders or Peace Corps volunteers who likely go on these missions to see the world and maybe do some good in the meantime. Cuban specialists mostly go to make money and earn political perks. Very little altruism there. There is no comparison to arm sales. Don’t believe the BS about Castro sending doctors out of the goodness of his heart. It is a BUSINESS. It only works because of the slave wages Cuban doctors earn working in their own country. These Cuban doctors will have no time to hang out on Ipanema Beach drinking caipirinhas. They will be working in places that Brazilian doctors don’t want to work for the money that Brazil will pay for the Cuban doctors to work. If you are true to your claims of being the “true socialist” this clear example of worker exploitation ought to piss you off.

  • Yeah, Cuba should learn from the United States and Russia and sell arms instead of medical care for the poor .
    What can they be thinking.?

  • Cuban doctors being sent to Brazil (like Cattle to slaughter) represents the equivalent of a Cuban credit card

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