Cuba Tracks Hurricane Bill Moves NW

HAVANA TIMES, August 19 – Hurricane Bill continues to gain in intensity as at moves northwest in the Atlantic, reported the Cuban Meteorology Center on Wednesday evening.

At 6:00 p.m. EST the Center pegged the eye of the storm at 315 miles northeast of Antigua in the Leeward Islands with maximum sustained winds of 135 MPH and a minimum central pressure that has dropped to 947mb.

While Cuba and Caribbean appears well off Bill’s path, the island nation of Bermuda is endangered by the powerful Category 4 storm that could hit on late Friday or early Saturday.

Meanwhile, the US National Hurricane Center projects the storm will continue on a path away from the eastern coast of the United States, but notes it’s too early to tell how close the storm will come to land in New England or Nova Scotia on the coming weekend.

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  • While as Cubans we are aware of the disasters left by nature. We can be assured that Fidel (Raul) will send medical doctors to help..This i can bet on. If there is a need and even if there is no request..Fidel will ask Raul to send assistance..

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