Cuba-US Confer over Alan Gross

By Circles Robinson

Scene in Havana where the Cuban Five would like to be and Alan Gross would like to leave.

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 19 — Alan Gross, the US agent held prisoner in Cuba, was back in the news this week with revelations that a high level US diplomat and Cuba’s foreign minister met at the UN in September to discuss the case.

Gross, 60, was allegedly caught delivering illegal electronic equipment in Cuba under the guise of a humanitarian effort financed by US-AID.

While the US State Department claims it is a top priority to achieve the release of Gross, the Castro government appears in no hurry to please Washington, which maintains a half century economic blockade on Cuba, stiffling its development.

Meanwhile, the Caribbean country has been trying to obtain the release of five of its nationals known as the Cuban Five, in jail for 12 years in the US for conspiracy to spy and other charges that Cuba considers totally false.

Havana says the Cuban Five –considered heroes back home- only infiltrated terrorist groups that successive US administrations allow to operate out of Florida to plot attacks on the island.

The US State Department has repeatedly said it is not interested in a prisoner swap to end the standoff.  Cuban President Raul Castro has not ruled out such an exchange.

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4 thoughts on “Cuba-US Confer over Alan Gross

  • The Cubans had it figured out long before Alan Gross (a real spy~BTW)was captured.

    FREE THE FIVE CUBAN HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They did not engage in espionage,and,aside from not registering as foreign agents (be assured,ours never do) they are not guilty of any crime that could be proven in over ten years worth of attempt in court.

    Under ordinary diplomatic protocol, these five Cubans, now held over twelve years in US Custody, Mr. Gross could easily be traded in exchange.

    For this USAID individual who finds himself in the confines of imprisonment. I feel little sorrow or discomfiture. It could be said I feel about the same degree as the USG does(which apparently is near nil).

    I have no doubt his family would like to see his return as much as the long awaiting families of the Cuban Five feel.

    Play Ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The US would be left with no choice but to ease restrictions if
    The Cuban Government offered Free, REALLY FREE, elections
    and freedom of the Press. The Cuban people deserve a better fate and future,
    It is up to the Castro brothers, with their propaganda, to quit blaming the U.S.

  • isn’t this just sad… the US and Cuba need to ask, “what is it about this situation that I can change”? Our time on this earth is short, please Cuba and US lets just do it…

  • Mr. Robinson, why would Cuba want or need to” please Washington”? Considering the long history of USA aggression towards Cuba that phrase is preposterous; it connotes a subservient relationship and point to the main barrier of any meaningful negotiation between the nations. For twelve years five Cubans have been unjustly jailed in the US and for over 50 years terrorist against Cuba have been cuddled and even honored in Miami. Must Havana bow to Washington in order to stop the aggression and succumb to US domination? Think again Mr. Robinson and revisit your paragraph. Milton Sanchez-Parodi, Poland, Ohio

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