Cuba-USA Finally Agree on Details to Reopen Embassies

Havana woman wearing the US flag.  Photo: Juan Suarez
Havana woman wearing the US flag. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — The United States and Cuba announced Wednesday they have reached an agreement to reopen embassies in Washington and Havana after apparently working out the pending details, reported dpa news.

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The US sources, who requested anonymity, said that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will make a statement on the matter tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Cuban Foreign Ministry informed that its acting minister Marcelino Medina will receive a written message from President Obama on Wednesday morning from the current chief of the US Interests Section in Havana, Jeffrey De Laurentis.

The message addressed to President Raul Castro, deals with “the reestablishing of diplomatic relations and the opening of the embassies,” stated the Cuban Foreign Ministry on their website without giving further details.

After the historic agreement in December between Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro, the United States and Cuba began in January negotiations for opening embassies in Washington and Havana.

The fourth round of negotiations took place last May 22 in Washington, where “progress” was achieved, but the negotiating teams failed to agree on all related details and set a date for the opening of the embassies.

Oldsmobile in Havana.  Photo: Juan  Suarez
Oldsmobile in Havana. Photo: Juan Suarez

On June 10, the Cuban Interests Section in Washington installed at the entrance of its building a mast where the Cuban flag will fly when the embassy opens, a gesture that many interpreted as the deal could occur soon.

In the absence of direct diplomatic relations, Cuba and the United States currently maintain Interests Sections, which until the agreement of December, only allowed them to comply with consular services and limited bilateral relations on issues such as migration. Likewise, the staff is highly limited as to movement in each country’s territory.

Two of the most important obstacles to the opening of embassies – Cuba’s presence on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism and the inability of the Cuban Interest’s Section to find a bank willing to handle its accounts in Washington – had already been overcome, so the announcement of an agreement to open embassies was just a matter of time.

13 thoughts on “Cuba-USA Finally Agree on Details to Reopen Embassies

  • Or, perhaps, I should have remarked, ” under American control ”

    Narcissists always like to view themselves as the victim…

    It’s a handy excuse for the victimization of others…

    Those not willingly submitting, are automatically viewed as threats.

    And please…I don’t need a weatherman to tell me which way the wind blows…

  • So are you saying that a more democratic Cuba is a bad thing?

  • No, actually we don’t. Can you prove your point with facts or do you simply want to make snide comments?

  • And of course, the Americans don’t see everything as a threat that isn’t “American”….riiiight…..

  • The Yumas are not claiming to be friends. Haven’t you noticed the rhetoric about leading and guiding the poor people of Cuba down the path of Democracy, which we lay exclusive claim to and which we define ? It’s still there, w/ absolutely no apologies for past criminal behavior. I’d say America wants to be the big Daddy,mejor dicho, il Padrone, not the friend. It’s just that the old way wasn’t working

  • How very true

  • The US reciprocated by restricting the Cuban staff AFTER the Castros imposed this policy. Teaching political organization skills or how to build an Internet blog is hardly subversive. The US staff continue to engage in benign activities that promote democracy. The Castros, like all totalitarians, are typically paranoid.

  • Are Cuban Interest Section staff not restricted in their movements in the US? And to answer your rhetorical question – well documented attempts at organizing subversive elements – something that is not legal for foreign diplomats in any country.

  • Never be too sure that having the Americans as friends…is less dangerous than having them as enemies.

  • Very exciting!!

  • Peace Cuba

  • This was totally expected so no surprise. The big news will come, IMO, before the end of the year.

  • There was, maybe still is, another stumbling block. Cuba wants to limit the movement of embassy staff. In every other country in the world, the US embassy staff have unrestricted travel privileges. What are the Castros afraid of in letting embassy staff go where they please.

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