Cuba & Venezuela Expand Cooperation

HAVANA TIMES, July 27 — Cuban President Raúl Castro headed this Monday the summit meeting of his country and Venezuela, held at a beach resort in the central province of Villa Clara, to boost bilateral relations with a view to the Economic Union.  The meeting ended with more than 100 signed projects that will allow for the expansion of bilateral cooperation and commercial exchange, reported IPS.  Venezuela is Cuba’s leading trade partner.

One thought on “Cuba & Venezuela Expand Cooperation

  • Venezuela is still very much a capitalist country — and the venezuelan bureaucracy and leadership still very much reflects that dangerous fact, the ostentatious display of ‘red shirts’ notwithstanding. Let’s hope that the relations between the ALBA countries more and more reflects the relations between workers’ and farmers’ committees — and less and less the relationships between self-interested bureaucratic and even capitalistic cliques.

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