Cuba Visited by US Senator Dodd

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 4 ­– US Senator Christopher Dodd, the retiring chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, traveled to Cuba over the weekend reportedly to discuss ways to break the stalemate and improve bilateral relations.

Dodd is a long-time opponent of the travel ban on ordinary US citizens from visiting Cuba and is a critic of the nearly half-century economic embargo on the island.  The US government’s Radio Marti speculated that the senator may be seeking the release of US agent Alan Gross, held in Cuba since December when he was caught allegedly distributing illegal electronic equipment.

Several bills to lift the travel ban and chip away at the embargo have sat in House and Senate committees for well over a year and if Republicans make inroads in congressional elections in November, the new Congress in January is expected to be less likely to change the status quo on Cuba.

Senator Dodd’s website has yet to mention the trip to Havana.

One thought on “Cuba Visited by US Senator Dodd

  • The Senator made many efforts since i have been watching him over the yrs. However as decent as he may be this visit came a little to late. I regret that Senator Dodd had to wait until his own gates were closing behind him to make Cuba his mantra? .Guess what? i am simply thinking outloud..
    Suffice that, the problem in amerikkka is not as much about Cuba Mi Patria as it is about El Commandante, and the entire revolution. We have been a THORN IN AMERIKKKA CULO forever, and esp since the empire has learned that they simply could not dictate to our people as they do thier own?.
    .Cuba, has a huge population of peoples who come from countries who are alllies of the dastardly empire however, transformation, albeit slow, will take place, and hopefully in view of El Commandante and in his lifetime.Personally, i would love nothing more than to see the transformation here vs the CHANGE THERE?
    My country and our people desrve this Cubans and esp African Cubans have labored under a violently repressive regiem during the MAFIA era of the 50’s ,as well as under El Mulatto Lindo tu sabes? . And for those like myself who remember..its the old adage..Patria o Muerte..never again

    Toda Rebah

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