Cuba Welcomes Beyonce and Jay-Z


HAVANA TIMES — Popular R & B singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z are in Cuba today celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. They were well received by scores of fans on their first walks around Havana.

The couple dined at the famous La Guarida private restaurant on Wednesday evening and toured Old Havana on foot on Thursday.

“She was beautiful, without a drop of makeup, very natural,” waitress Silvia Fernandez told AP.

US citizens who are not Cuban-Americans need a special US Treasury Dept. license to visit Cuba, however thousands do so illegally every year through third countries. Others come on US approved group tours.

Cuban authorities don’t stamp US passports, only a paper visa.

See photos of Beyonce in Havana from AP.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Welcomes Beyonce and Jay-Z

  • Nothing new here. The Castros, like so many despots before, are quite adept at manipulating ‘useful idiots’ for their, thankfully, short-term benefit. There is little negative crossover influence that these poorly-educated superstars bring to this arena. On the positive side, the Cuban people got a chance to see regular people, in the flesh,who through their talent make a sh*tload of money. Capitalism at it’s finest. When was the last time a renowned socialist caused a stir like this in Cuba? The Castros suck and even Beyonce’s fame can’t change that.

  • Maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z should watch these two young people/music related
    Cuban documentaries which include several Hip Hop and Rap artists who are banned
    from performing in Cuba stages even though they live there!

    YOUTUBE ENTIRE DOCUMENTARY: “Grandchildren of the
    Cuban Revolution” – The film tries to capture the vibe of Cubas youth today.
    Featuring artists like: Los Aldeanos, Porno para Ricardo, Silvito El Libre –

    YOUTUBE: PUNK OUTLAW TV: Punks in Havana, Cuba Speak Out – Spanish with English

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