Cuba Welcomes Dilma Rousseff and Evo Morales for CELAC Summit

Dilma Rousseff arrives in Havana on Sunday. Photo: Ladyrene Pérez/Cubadebate

HAVANA TIMES — The presidents of Brazil and Bolivia, Dilma Rousseff and Evo Morales, arrived Sunday in Cuba to take part in the CELAC summit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rousseff arrived in Havana shortly before three in the afternoon, followed shortly after by Morales. Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner , arrived on Saturday.

The Cuban government hopes to receive for the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) heads of state and government and representatives from 33 countries of the region. The next presidents expected to arrive are Haiti’s Michel Martelly and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

Fernandez, who reappeared in public a few days ago after a month’s absence, met with Fidel Castro for lunch today at the home of the 87-year-old former Cuban president, reported Argentine media

Evo Morales lands in Havana for the CELAC Summit. Photo: Ladyrene Pérez/Cubadebate.

The previous meeting between the two politicians was in January 2013, when Cristina came to the island to check on the health of Hugo Chavez. Fidel Castro reappeared in public a few weeks ago in Havana after nine months of absence.

According to Cuban media, Fernandez will join Rousseff on Monday at the opening of the container terminal at the port of Mariel, about 25 miles west of Havana.

The expansion of Mariel is one of the major infrastructure projects of Cuba in recent years and has been largely financed by a loan from Brazil.



11 thoughts on “Cuba Welcomes Dilma Rousseff and Evo Morales for CELAC Summit

  • President Morales may not have impact in the long run (I believe that the first Native Bolivian president will have a huge impact) Maybe not, but yes the economical model specially if South America unify

  • Okay. We legitimately disagree. Still, Evo Morales will not have an impact on Bolivia in the long run, let alone the world.

  • Will see Mr Patterson who will have more impact in the world. People like you always miss the ball. People never paid attention to Napoleon he was also considered as you did with President Morales BLOWHARD,but the important man the King of France was decapitated or in the area of art this common mistake happen a lot Salieri was much more influential composer than Mozart living both in the same period and place but Ignorants like you didn’t see it. The greatest moment in history always started for small events. Your colonized mind by money make you believe that Bill Gates is much more important man than President Morales President Kirchner or President Correa I understand NORTH-AMERICAN or EUROPEAN arrogance and racism is very common but the truth is the North had historically one way to keep up with the fake unsustainable falling economy and is steal resources from the south. You believe that having money is a mankind quality, and probably it is but not a good one you just need to be a crock. Is virtually impossible being filthy rich like Gates and be morally right. Microsoft is not a multibillion dollar corporation because their innovation in technology that made Microsoft a multimillion dollar corporation the reason they are multibillion dollar corporation is because the exploit people in order to make production with innovation is not enough to make the obscene amount of money these corporation does. The same apply to any corporation today do you think Apple is rich because the iPod? or because FOXCOM? or Exxon or Halliburton you know what is the difference between Free Markets lovers and Socialist? that both have a finger stick in their asses by the rich the difference is the Free Markets lovers like it.

  • Believe what you will. But if I had a choice to attend a meeting regarding the future of mankind and the speaker was Microsoft’s Bill Gates or a meeting to hear blowhards like Bolivia’s Evo Morales bitch about US hegemony, I choose Bill Gates. Which meeting do YOU think will have more impact on more people around the world?

  • And Because is in the agenda you believe they discuss that or the purpose of the Davos summit is about something other of rob people out of their pockets Mr Patterson just let you know Santa Claus are the parents

  • Mr Patterson 1st before you open your mouth and fill your comments about the Latin-American leaders with derogative adjectives I hope you read or listen to the speeches of the latin American leaders. The summit is about create a bigger and stronger block against American and european violent treatment to the south we hope one day we can also partner with Africa fuck for once the north that since earlier than 1492 are fucking around with the south hemisphere. Just for your info in DAVOS there meet to figure it out how they will keep stealing resources from poor countries so they can keep going to the bank. with this I am telling you neither in DAVOS they were discussing World Peace or Space exploration or cure cancer.

  • Now, I think you have a point.

  • No apology necessary. In another post here on HT today, it is reported that Fidel Castro and the President of Argentina, Christina Fernandez met and discussed world peace, the cure for cancer, space exploration and all such other matters way beyond their pay grade. Seriously, my comparison is that while the “real work” of fixing the world’s problems is being discussed in Davos, the core group of left-wing leaders will be meeting in Havana. That is too say, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Nicaragua are convening to take pictures and engage in America-bashing. All the while, rising inflation, rising violence and rising unemployment plagues their respective regimes. Rather than looking to blame external agents, these leaders. Brazil and Uruguay, least among them, should refocus their energies internally on production and market expansion.

  • I can’t understand you message, Sir Patterson.
    Although I and other Brazilians don’t approve Mrs. Rousseff government, I think that ‘the band of lefties’ are in agreement to improve good comercial relationships with Cuba. Probably they are foreseeing something that you are not able to do, Sir.
    So, I think your comparison doesn’t make sense.
    Sorry about this.
    Mr. Ferreira (from Brazil).

  • Interesting contrasts. While the movers and shakers of the world meet in Davos, Switzerland, this ragged band of lefties are assembling in Havana.

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