Cuba “Will Stand with Venezuela until the End”

Said Culture Minister Abel Prieto at the tomb of Fidel Castro

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Abel Prieto in Santiago de Cuba at the tomb of Fidel Castro.

HAVANA TIMES — Culture Minister Abel Prieto Jimenez announced that Cuba will support the Venezuelan government “until the end” and praised the Venezuelan people for preventing their nation from becoming a land “where fascism rules”.

“Cuba will stand with Venezuela until the end,” Prieto said during an exchange this Monday with participants of the II International Colloquium on Hugo Chavez: The passion that unites us, which was held in Santiago de Cuba.

The Cuban minister’s conversation with Venezuelan visitors took place in front of the grave that holds Fidel Castro’s ashes in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery. His statement thereby became a kind of oath in the late Cuban leader’s memory, who passed away in November.

Standing up to the traitors

Prieto said that “the Cuban people are on the side of the Venezuelan people, who are facing aggression from those who are trying to make the Bolivarian country a land where fascism rules,” according to a report from Radio Rebelde.

“Venezuela is doing something admirable, everyday, by standing up to adversaries in its country and traitors too,” Prieto added, clearly referring to the Attorney General Luisa Ortega, who is now in Nicolas Maduro’s government’s line of fire for questioning the legitimacy of the his call for a Constitutional Assembly.

Prieto, one of Raul Castro’s closest collaborators, made it clear that Venezuela is today the front line against the fascism that wants to take over Latin America. “This is the real threat, because the opposition has complete disregard for the Venezuelan people’s lives and human rights.”

Between father and son

The conversation with visitors took place in front of Fidel Castro’s grave, near the mausoleum where Independence hero, Jose Marti’s remains lie.

Prieto spoke about the “dear relationship between Fidel and Chavez, which went beyond the relationship of two statesmen and became a father and son bond.”

A group of Cuban artists and intellectuals, who were attending the Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba, also accompanied the minister to pay tribute before Castro’s grave.

Prieto has recently been seen spending time with Chavez’s relatives in Havana. In late June, he met Adan Chavez and Maria Gabriela Chavez, the brother and daughter of the late leader, in the rock music club El Submarino Amarillo. The vice-minister of Culture, Fernando Rojas, was also present on that occasion.

14 thoughts on “Cuba “Will Stand with Venezuela until the End”

  • Wow …You should write fairy tales… because that’s what your comment amounts to….

  • Pleeeeaseee. What I read here on my screen here is quite the opposite. How would Cuba take off??? No one wants to deal with the Cuban Thugs, they never pay their bills. No one wants to give up 51% of a business to an inept partner, who will seal your assets after milking the blood out of your investment. Read the stories here-about Cuban rental cars, horrible accommodations, pick pockets and robbery, no internet, unless your a Europervert looking for cheap sex, return visits by TOURIST, is less than 30%. Best healthcare is questionable-cheap and available maybe-unless you need medication. And Cuban exile doctors (no shortage) fail the US Medical Boards at an astonishing 85% – quantity or quality? How about food, for the average Cuba citizen? I guess if you start with horrible anything an improvement. Now I’ve lived and worked all over the world, I’ve seen poor countries-Ebeye in RMI (the slum of the Pacific), Manila, Nigeria, Cairo, I worked in Iraq as a relief worker after the US Invasion. Cuba, is like a theme park for dictator oppressed poor people, you’re not going to draw tourist to a place where even the government is going to hustle them. What difference will lifting the great and wondrous blockade mean? No one is going to sell Cuba anything unless there’s a pay back in it. Ending the blockade may mean hanging the Castro family by their feet until all their money falls out of their Swiss bank accounts.

  • Cuba’s system is working now even with the blockade.. Its one of the safest countries in the world..It has one of the best healthcare and educational systems in the world. They have made advancements in sports, science, medicine, culture, arts etc.. If they lift the blockade Cuba will take off and that is what the anti Cuba crowd fears… At least you agree that they should lift the blockade …

  • I’m all for it-but the end results would prove that the Castro brand of socialism doesn’t work any better than Chavez’s. And there’d be no more excuses.

  • Well then let take the blockade away and then there will be no more excuses… How about it?

  • A nice succinct analysis larrybudwiser. Janvier Vargas typifies the mindless parrotting of Castro regime supporters. I will lay odds that he cannot provide a list of ten (10) items that cannot be imported into Cuba by GAESA.
    The concept of a communist regime being incompetent is impossible to accept by the faithful adherents to the blarney of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of Cuba despite fifty eight years of accumulated evidence supporting that.
    If Janvier Vargas bothered to read my own contributions, he would know my view upon the US embargo and also learn to understand the difference between an embargo and a blockade (the latter was lifted in 1963).

  • Yes, the blockade, it’s always the blockade. The blockade has stopped the sun from shining.

  • I’ll say it again… You have decrepit analysis… Nothing you have forecasted has come to fruition.. And please don’t point to some isolated cases as proof or use information from main stream media to justify your decrepit analysis… You keep pointing to Cuba’s economic defects but please remember that Cuba has to work around a 50+ year old economic blockade who’s very aim is to strangle the Cuban economy… It’s a miracle that Cuba has survived at all… That is a testament to strength of the Cuban Revolution.

  • Most of the economic problems facing Cuba are a result of the economic blockade against Cuba by the USA.. Do you support the economic blockade against Cuba?

  • In your view Javier Vargas I gave a “decrepit analysis”. I forecast purges and they have commenced.
    Cuba has been brought to its knees by the Castro regime. Ration cards, pitiful incomes, lack of human rights, no freedom of the press, ever decreasing agricultural production necessitating importation of over 80% of food requirements. Chinese debt exceeding $25 bilion such are the consequences of communism.
    As for Venezuela, the constitution introduced by Hugo Chavez has been scrapped to be replaced by a new Maduro dictatorship directive. International companies have closed shop and left Venezuela and the Army distributes food parcels to the political faithful. If that sounds like a mess with a world high inflation rate, then give the credit to Nicolas Maduro – for it is due to his talents!

  • I’m not sure whether the assembly is driven by US stooges or really represents the broad spectrum of the people but Maduro is a incompetent nasty peice of work. Chavez had charisma and stayed within the bounds of a democratic system

  • Keep Dreaming with your decrepit analysis….. If Anything Cuba has proven that the foundation of the Revolution is strong… Almost 60 years the harsh winds coming from the most powerful nation on Earth has failed to bring it to its knees… As for Venezuela, it will never be what it was before Chavez… The people have awoken and they won’t let the oligarchs turn them back!

  • ‘Prieto said that “the Cuban people are on the side of the Venezuelan people, who are facing aggression from those who are trying to make the Bolivarian country a land where fascism rules,” according to a report from Radio Rebelde.’

    It is good to see that Minister Prieto has realized that the Venezuelan people are suffering the aggression from incompetent president Maduro and his corrupt narco-cronies in the government and among high-ranking military, working to starve the people, deprive them of health care, and convert Venezuela into a fascist dictatorship, lightly disguised by fake ‘Bolivarian’ and ‘socialist’ monikers.

    Maduro has now unleashed his Sturmabteilungen (a.k.a. Colectivos) against the democratically elected National Assembly, beating up the representatives with sticks, as another step on the road to complete dictatorship.

    To show his solidarity with the Venezuelan people, Mr. Prieto should urge Maduro to resign, together with his government dominated by kleptocrats, narco-traffickers and corrupt generals, and then restore the constitutional powers of the democratically elected National Assembly.

  • On the positive side, it appears that Prieto recognizes that the economic, social and political mess in Venezuela is a consequence of initially Chavez and then Maduro pursuing the teachings of Fidel Castro. He is correct!
    Prieto follows the historic Communist line of describing those opposed to that doctrine as “traitors”. History has previously witnessed such preamble prior to purges. Freedom of speech is opposed as it endangers the “socialismo” so beloved by the Castros and their disciples.
    There is no mystery or anything new in Prieto’s announcement. Of course the Castros and the Communist Party of Cuba will stand by Maduro “until the end”. The sooner that end arrives and the Communist Party of Cuba and Nicholas Maduro reach that end and join the ashes of Fidel Castro and his concepts, the better for the people of Cuba and Venezuela.

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