Cuban Artist Freed but Grounded

“I am also demanding,” the facebook platform used by Tania Bruguera.

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban artist Tania Bruguera was released today after being accused of “resistance and inciting public disorder” by organizing a controversial artistic protest. With her passport taken away, she may now face a trial and possible sentencing, reports dpa. Bruguera is a resident in the United States.

Bruguera was first arrested Tuesday at her family home to prevent her from attending the her scheduled performance, an “open micropone forum” where citizens could pronounce their views in Revolution Square in Havana.

After being released the following day, Bruguera convened the foreign media to a press conference for Wednesday afternoon at the site of a historic monument but she was once again unable to attend as she was taken back to the police station.

There she was informed that she may face prosecution. Bruguera, who resides in the United States, said the Cuban authorities took away her passport, meaning she would have to remain on the island for the next 60 days.

Also released were other dissidents arrested when they tried to attend Bruguear’s performance. These included opposition journalist Reinaldo Escobar and Eliezer Ávila, who heads the Somos Mas Movement “We are More” movement. Famed blogger Yoani Sánchez, Escobar’s wife, suffered house arrest on Tuesday which was lifted on Wednesday.

The US State Department issued in a statement expressing its concern about the “detentions by Cuban authorities of peaceful members of civil society and activists.”

“We support the activists exercising their right to freedom of expression and denounce the arrests today in Cuba” wrote Roberta Jacobson, Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs on her Twitter account.

On the day before the scheduled event, the pro-government Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) condemned Bruguera’s initiative, describing it as an “opportunistic action” and publicity stunt.

The Revolution Square is one of the most emblematic places of Havana and around it are the headquarters of the Council of Ministers, the Armed Forces, the Central Committee of the Communist Party and many other important government office buildings. Furthermore, it is the leading space used by the government and Party to hold rallies in its support.

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  • January 6, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    Your falling for the alibi that Gross was doing harmless humanitarian work to help unconnected Cuban jews has proven totally false. Getting a 1/2 million dollar contract for doing illegal work in a foreign country is anything but. He’s lucky to be home with his 3.2 million dollar bonus and he is still seaking more. I’m glad he’s home as well as the other US spy and the three Cuban agents. They all served plenty of time. In case you didn’t know it when one goes to a foreign country it is their laws one must abide by not those from the country from which one came. Try taking some beer and whiskey to Saudi Arabia and see if the fact it is legal in Canada does you any good.

  • January 6, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    Are you thankful Gross is alive? Or do you think he should still be in the Cuban prison?

    As Moses has pointed out many times, it would have been very bad for Cuba if Gross had died while in a Cuban prison. Raul could forget about the embargo being lifted anytime soon if that had happened.

    I was simply clarifying for rodrigvm his misunderstanding in calling the technology Gross brought in to Cuba, “spy equipment”. It wasn’t for spying. It was for the criminal activity of communicating with the outside world without permission from the Cuban government.

    As an example of what real spy equipment is: the radio which the Cuban spy Ana Montes was given by the Cuban Directorate of Intelligence was actual spy equipment. She used it to listen to a “numbers” radio station broadcasting from Cuba, transmitting coded instructions to Cuban spies is America. That’s espionage.

  • January 6, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    Now you’re closer, putting aside the humanitarian stuff for Cuban Jews,… Accept a contract for a half million dollars to smuggle in illegal equipment into a country your bosses don’t even have diplomatic relations with is what he did. I think you’d be best at this point to just be thankful Gross is alive and well in Maryland and can enjoy the 3.2 million he is to receive from the US government.

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