Cuban Cardinal Celebrates Cuba-US Dialogue

Cardinal Jaime Ortega.  Photo:
Cardinal Jaime Ortega. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega applauded Tuesday the process of restoring relations between his country and the USA, during a liturgy in the Basilica of San Juan de Letran, in the Vatican City.

“The wall of mistrust that separated the US and Cuba seemed indestructible. History remained standing. But nothing is impossible,” he said in his speech, where he also alluded to the role of the Pope in the contacts between the two nations.

“My heart is filled with great hope for the future of the Cuban people and I am happy to share this joy,” said Ortega, who in recent years has been one of the main mediators between the Cuban government and the opposition on the island.

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  • A wonderful man and a hopefully a conduit with older expatriates living in the USA who are desperately needed to assist with needed repair and change in Cuba. Many of these men and woman came to the U.S. With little and have thrived and succeeded beyond measure. They will be the link for a Cuba that could be the most successful country in the Caribbean

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