Cuban Coach to Train US Amateur Boxing Team

HAVANA TIMES — Veteran boxing coach Pedro Roque Otaño has been appointed to coach the US amateur team, reports the AFP news agency.

“The US boxing team is fortunate to have gotten the best coach in the world to help lead this nation back to a position of prominence,” said the executive director of USA Boxing.

According to the report, Roque’s job will be to seek out talent across the country as well as develop a training program for top-level amateur athletes and coaches.

The coach, 62 years old and with over 40 years of experience as the coach of numerous Olympic and world champions, is one of three men considered fathers of the Cuban school of boxing, along with Alcides Sagarra and Sarvelio Fuentes.

Roque left Cuba for the United States in 2008.

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  • We need Cuban Boxing coach in Vietnam, training the younger boxer and future will compete the world champion

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    please help me to find rollando asebal who was in iran in 1997.
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