Cuban Communist Party Reshuffles Provincial Leaders

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 18 – The governing Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) reshuffled another two of its top representatives, this time in the provinces of Villa Clara (central Cuba) and Matanzas (western), reported IPS. This week changes were also made in the western provinces of Pinar del Río and City of Havana.

One thought on “Cuban Communist Party Reshuffles Provincial Leaders

  • HT: One of the problems with the “state socialism” model prescribed by Marx and Engels in the Manifesto of 1848 is that, when things don’t run well, the blame falls on individual leaders, rather than on the model. That is, when systemic functioning proves dysfunctional, it is attributed to individual failings, not systemic malady.

    Cuba can reshuffle, reassign, demote and fire individuals all she wishes, but unless the basic mechanism laid down by Marx and Engels is closely examined, the problems found in all socialist experiments to date will continue. Ultimately, these problems have proven to be terminal to the whole experiment.

    Basically, there are two–and only two–types of “real” socialism: (1) state-owns-100%-of-everything socialism, where private property and the market are abolished, and bureaucracy is massive; and (2) state/worker cooperative co-ownership plus the socialist market, where bureaucracy is defeated by workplace democracy.

    Good luck to brave Cuba.

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